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October 29, 2009|By David Lester

“Money is like a sixth sense without which you cannot make a complete use of the other five”  W. Somerset Maugham

“Money is better than poverty, if only for financial reasons.” Woody Allen

Welcome to my I heart money blog!  I’m excited about sharing with you my ideas on personal finance and how to live your life to your full potential.  Since leaving a job I didn’t like in advertising and taking a life coaching program in Vancouver this summer, I’ve started to live the life that I have always dreamt of instead of the one that I had fallen into.

I’ve started my own coaching business, written a book, started horseback riding lesssons, spent more time with friends and family, gone to the gym more, and purchased my dream car.  These are all things that I have had on my goals list for many years and I made them all happen in the last six months.

My independance derives from knowledge about money.  Working at the banks and brokerages I learned the skills needed to manage my own money, buy the proper financial products, and cut fees in places where bankers and brokers made their money.  I learned how satsifying it is to build my own mutual funds, save tens of thousands in mortgage interest, and only buy products that made sense for me.

While working in finance I discovered that my clients didn’t think about their in the right way.  If you had money to invest you would see your broker and they would invest it without asking the all important question, “How will you use this money to enhance your life?” If you needed money you would ask your banker for a loan without discovering your perfect financial situation in five years.

The goal of my blog is to help everyone dream their ultimate reality, discover steps to get there, enlighten themselves about why the dream is important to them (this has to do with personal values), and then align financial resources to make the dream reality happen. My job is help you make an overarching idea of what you want your financial reality to be and then align investing, banking, and budgeting to make it happen!

Over the years I’ve mastered the skills of saving, making, and sharing money and I’ll be revealing my tricks of the trade weekly to my loyal followers. I love money too much to give it away on service fees, trading costs, and frivolous purchases. Every dollar that I can save on fees, poor purchases or miscellaneous costs–or every dollar I can get my portfolio to make for me–I can spend it on something that makes me truly happy like having dinner with close friends or riding lessons.

Thanks for following me and stay tuned for next week’s blog where I tell you how to get a free car! Seriously. See you next week.


David Lester
About David Lester

David Lester is a best selling author and professional Financial Coach, helping people be better with their money. David has written a personal finance book that breaks with traditional attitudes towards finance and describes his own philosophy to money that he has gained through his personal and professional experiences. His philosophy on money applies to many areas of everyday life, including banking, investing, goal setting, shopping and entertainment.