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I’ve never understood the notion that money is dirty.  I love money.  When I get paid I sometimes will check my account in the middle of the night, transfer my set amount into savings and then sleep well knowing that it is now accruing the highest level of savings I can find in the market.  I look at my investment portfolio three or four times a day and get shivers when dividends are paid into my account on a monthly basis!  I might be a bit much, but if you ask any high net worth individual–they achieved it by respecting their money.

It starts with the way you carry your money, if you keep it all bunched up in your pants or wallet, don’t carry any, or if it is folded neatly, same side up in a fancy money clip like I do. Do you waste it on things, make sure you get the correct change from a vender, make sure idle money is making the highest interest rate possible, do you pick it up on the street if you see it, or walk an extra block to your bank to avoid the service fees?  These all seem like simple things, but they all clearly depict how you view money and people who respect their money end up with a whole lot more of it.

The essential idea of both my books is that a dollar saved on something that I didn’t really need or want can be contributed towards something that will truly make me happy. Be it a bigger better material thing, a tastier dinner or wine with family, a more desired vacation with good friends or all encompassing retirement.  Discretionary spending and saving can lead to a freer, better, more fulfilling life.  A sweater that you never wear sitting at the very back of your closet with the tags still on will not get you to scuba dive around the Greek islands–but a dividend paying investment might!