About Me

994917_632761250081189_1779685029_nI have loved money for a long, long time. According to my mom, my first word was “Penny.”  I’ve been collecting and earning them ever since.  One of my favourite pastimes when I was little was watching cartoons while rolling coins for my Papa—for a piece of the action, of course.  As a teenager I would sometimes pass up going out with my friends to record my weekly spending on my personal computer’s finance program.  I loved watching the graph of my net worth go up and up as my parks and recreation pay cheques rolled in.

At university I found school less than thrilling (and not very lucrative), so I scheduled all my courses on two days a week and worked part time at Merrill Lynch three days a week.  I learned many important lessons about the market and making money at Merrill.  When I graduated I had made enough trading stock options to take six months off to travel around Europe.

I worked in brokerages and the Bank of Montreal for five years, and then moved over to work in advertising.  In 2009 I left a well paid advertising job to follow my first love and design my perfect job. I studied life coaching in Vancouver and have combined my expertise in personal finance with life coaching.

I hope to build personal and financial capital by sharing my methods and knowledge with my bloggers.   Follow me through my routine to see how I love money by saving it, spending it and sharing it.

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— Dave


Legal Disclaimer

This blog is intended to show you my philosophies and strategies for saving and growing personal financial wealth. You should know, however, that I am not currently working at a bank or investment brokerage. I have owned and may still own the stocks named in this book.

The examples using specific stocks are meant to demonstrate the investment strategies. They are not endorsements for specific stocks. I do not take responsibility for any of the stocks named in this blog, or for the changing realities of the market. You should always do your own research before investing, and you assume all market risk.