Knockout - Webisode 1

Let me be your financial coach! Coaching is taking someone from where they are to where they want to be financially.  If you can imagine it you can achieve it! I work with you through a solution based coaching program and apply the results to money, business and your personal life.

First we design your ideal reality in all areas of your life from money, relationships, family, to business. With my banking and brokerage experience plus my training as a life coach we decide what you want, why you want it, and then implement the plan. No area of life that touches money won’t be optimized.

I have helped hundreds of clients go from being horrible with money to being money super stars. It’s all about the relationship you have with it.

Million Dollar Makeover!

$445 (+HST)

The first plan is a money makeover. It’s $445 plus tax and I spend three hours with you to determine where you want to go financially and how to get there. I use my banking experience to get you the best interest rates on any of your debt, set up budgets, 5 year goal plan, and enable you to write interest off if possible. I then use my investment experience to put you on an investment plan so that you are on your way to be a millionaire – without paying any extra brokerage fees. You’ll feel like a million bucks knowing you have the plan.

Ultimate Business Coaching

$225 (+HST) per session times four sessions a month.

My second plan is for business clients. I become their business coach and take them through a six month process where we determine what their ultimate business is, why they truly want it, change beliefs around success and then set actionable steps to get it.  We meet once a week and I keep you motivated, pushing your boundaries, and hitting your marks to get there. That program is $225 plus tax a week and I have huge amounts of success that I can share with you.

Satisfaction is always guaranteed or money refunded!  We don’t have any unhappy millionaires.

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