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How to keep your emotions out of the market








Breakfast Television Toronto – February 18th, 2015

Talking about my new book From Middle Class to Millionaire

Dave on Breakfast Television Toronto










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Turn Features of Your Home Into Moneymakers


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Millennial to Millionaire


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Adding Value to your Home



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For Millennials, Blueprint for Future Begins with Good Financial Habits


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10 Steps to Build Your Social Empire


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How To Deploy Couples Extra $75k?







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How To Start Saving Before You Turn 30


Holiday Debt Remedies







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How To Repay Your Holiday Hangover Debt


BT Vancouver










BT Vancouver – November 21st, 2014

From Middle Class to Millionaire








Steven and Chris Show – November 18th (I’m the second clip!)

Chatting With Chris About My Book From Middle Class to Millionaire

Me on BT Montreal










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Prevent Overspending and Save Some Dough


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How to Become Filthy Rich

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Worst Money Mistakes For Your Age


Financial Mentor in the TV Pilot Knockout!
David Lester in the TV Pilot Knockout

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Budgeting will help make money love you back

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An old money apartment for a financial coach

Studio 4 Interview – September 20th 2011
Studio 4 Interview Part 1-2
Studio 4 Interview Part 2-2