Spring Savings!

May 20, 2010|By David Lester

Spring has sprung and I’m loving it. Do you know what I love about spring?  It’s not the cute birds or the cuddly bees or flowers or trees – what I love about spring is the electricity savings!  Yeah that’s right. Since the nice weather has come my electric bills have been cut in half  by simply keeping the windows open in the day time and then closing them at night.  It’s amazing how keeping the furnace or air conditioner off from April to June can really save you a bundle.  Below are some other electricity saving tips to get “shocking” savings and then live better with on those savings….

1. Don’t preheat the oven – unless you are baking.  It just slows down cooking times and wastes energy.  We’re all about efficiency over here.  

2. Use a BBQ for spring cooking.  It is cost effective and everything tastes better on the barbie.  My mom cooks everything including turkeys on a BBQ!  It’s amazing how well it turns out.

3. Don’t run more than one appliance at a time.  Now that spring is here you can put the wet clothes out on a line.  That’ll save you dryer energy from April to October.  Not too shabby at all.  

4. Try to run the big appliances after 8pm.  That is when you get the best rates and save the cute cuddly fuzzy monies.  

5. Change all of your light bulbs to CFL bulbs.  They save a ton of energy and last way longer.  Win win!  

6. Always unplug anything that you’re not using.  Chargers and appliances still drain energy to power their little lights when they’re plugged in and not being used.  

7. Unplug everything you can when you go away.  I travel quite a bit and when I’m out of town I’ll unplug everything I can.  Watch when your bill comes in that month to really see how much you save.  

8. Use timers for outside lights.  Having them burning away all night adds up.

9. Power bars now come with timers.  You can have them shut down when you’re asleep so that your cable boxes and stereo equipment isn’t using power when you’re sleeping. 

10. Play a game with yourself to see if you can keep dropping your electricity bill each month.  It’s amazing how much money you can find when you’re always looking for the savings.  Each month you reduce your bill reward yourself for being responsible for the environment and your money.  You deserve it Tiger! 

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