Decorating But Keeping the Dime!

November 28, 2010|By David Lester

Now that I’ve landed in Hollywood and I have my amazing pad here I naturally need to decorate it.  I’m planning on being Canada’s youngest snow bird and spend six months here in the sun and write and work on some exciting projects.  (I’ve already practised driving slowly in the fast lane with my signal on, looking for a discount mall).  Seeing that I only will need the place for six months I naturally wanted it to be on the cheap yet chic.  Exactly what I do well. Because my places have always been modern and minimalisticy at home – I wanted to change it up this time.

I thought that I would change it up and be a bit out there.  To decorate in a style that I would never do at home.  Why not?  Eccentricity is what I do well, especially on a budget. My guest house is 100 years old and so are the neighboring houses.  My place has really beautiful dark hardwood floors, huge floor moldings and those crystal door knobs you find in other century homes.  I decided to play up these accents and make the place super Victorian. I’m here for six months why not shake up my decorating comfort zone. I got fancy flowered plates, and decorative knives from Target that cost less than $100.  I got the biggest, comfiest Lady Penelope sofa at IKEA that was deeply discounted.  It is blue and white with decorative pineapples!  It’s so awesome. The complete opposite of my sleek grey modern sofa from my loft.

Not only was it only $450 but it suits the place so well.  It is super comfy for watching CNBC on in the AM too. From IKEA I also purchased a decorative bed and mattress and some other kitchen and home essentials for another $700. Knowing that it is so easy to run up a huge tab decorating a new place, I separated all of my purchases into NEEDS and WANTS.  The needs were the sofa, bed, mattress and TV. A trader needs his CNBC, right?  Now with the WANTS I got everything used.  TV stands, bed side tables, coffee tables, and decorative paintings.  Some I’m still on the hunt for.  I hit up all of the antique markets, craigslist, garage sales and flea markets and bought or continue to buy the little things I need for a steal. Now how do I keep the dime you ask as per the title?

When I leave I purposefully purchased quality antiques, furniture and furnishings that I’ll be able to sell at mostly what I paid for them.  I made sure that I got an awesome 40 inch LED TV that when I sell it in six months it’ll still be worth most of it’s value.  Compared to a 32 inch cheapo brand that wouldn’t be worth squat in six months. The plan is to live in this eccentric and fun place and then leave with most of my initial investment back.  Gotta love your money. Keep loving your money and it’ll help you love your place – even for six months.  Check out my book in Kindle format on

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David Lester
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