Christmas Tree for Free

December 8, 2010|By David Lester

Happy holidays everyone! I can’t believe this year has only 23 days to go.

To help spread that holiday season in my place here in Hollywood I decided to get a tree. My family is coming to stay for the holiday and I wanted to have one for them and to make warm and snowless California feel more like home.

My place here has a garden and I thought why not get a live Christmas tree that I could plant in the garden when I was done with it? I wanted to get some plants and then I’d get to use the tree as my holiday tree for free.

I went shopping at a local garden shop and found the cutest little Charlie Brown Christmas tree and HAD to get it. It was leaning to one side all crammed in a corner. I think one of his little branches actually moved a bit to get my attention. He’ll be great for the backyard and perfect for my apartment.

To make him as Christmasy as possible I went to Target and the .99 cent store and decked him out for $10. He got tons of colorful mini-balls, some candy canes, silver beads and an angel for the top. His top branch is a bit wobbly so the angel had to be taped to the top but she is there and shining bright!

I actually got too many items for his little size and so I’m actually taking what I didn’t use back to use those dollars for something that I need. If I learned anything from business school it was proper inventory management. Money sitting in things that I’ll never use could be earning me interest in a high interest account and so I’ll take anything back that I don’t use and you guys should too.

In January I’ll look forward to digging a hole in a special spot in my garden and then watching him grow. Right now I’ve wrapped him in lights and he’s glowing and filling the air with that Chirstmas pine scent as I write this now! Win win for me and for the tree because he gets to re-locate to an awesome garden. I think he’s happy he got my attention back at the garden store. 🙂

Keep loving your money and it’ll treat you with your own Christmas tree that keeps on giving back!

Have a festive week,


David Lester
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