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April 22, 2011|By David Lester

Happy Easter everyone!  I’m back from LA to continue my book tour in Canada and I need to get a new place and all new furniture.  I sold all of my old furniture from the place that had been decorated on the HGTV show, For Rent.  It made it super easy to move and I got $5k for it all.  I like to be light on “things” and heavy on cash in my account, so it was a win win in my books.

With furniture I like to change it up every few years. This time I decided to get a more classic look now that I’m back.  I shopped like a champ, found exactly what I wanted, and then got it all for over 30% off by paying cash.  I also researched and bought pieces that will appreciate over time. Here is how I did it.

Know What You’re Looking For First

Browse through magazines to find exactly what kind of look you want to have.  I was inspired by the Hotel Roosevelt’s lobby when in Hollywood. It has black tufted leather sofas and decorative Persian rugs that make the room feel classic with a modern twist.  Exactly what I’d love for my new place!

Scout EVERYWHERE For Your Ultimate Pieces

Hit up all of the furniture stores that have the kind of look you want.  Here in Toronto I went all over King St. East, along Queen West, and up to Elte at Dufferin and Lawrence.  Take a Saturday and get a metro pass or walk.  It’ll be fun and great exercise.  Ask the sales people what kind of deal you’ll get if you buy EVERYTHING from them.  Take pictures of all the pieces you love on your phone.  This will come in handy in the next step.

Buy As Much As Possible At One Store and Pay Cash

When I had settled on my pieces and completed my scouting party I picked GH Johnson’s at Ossington and Dupont.  They had everything I wanted for cheaper than the sale prices at the King St. stores. I showed them pictures of pieces that weren’t in their showroom and they ordered them for me, at a big discount too.  I bought almost everything for every room, and it will all be delivered together the day I move in.  By buying everything there and paying in cash I got a FANTASTIC deal.

Buy Pieces That You LOVE And Will Appreciate In Value!

Buy great quality pieces that you know you’ll be able to sell in the long run or that will appreciate. I’ve decided to get quality Persian rugs.  Not only did I get a great deal by buying two of them, they appreciate in value.  That’s another way to love your money.

Art is another way to invest. It costs more up front but in time the asset will appreciate while you enjoy it.  Everyone needs a great curator to help buy pieces that will reflect the best part of you everytime you enjoy them.

Love your money by buying in bulk with cash, and by getting rugs and art that will appreciated in value!

Have a great week,


David Lester
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