Unconventional Money Man!

April 14, 2011|By David Lester

Here are three of my unconventional money saving strategies that go against the finger wagging, financial expert tips of the past.  I believe that money is just a vehicle to a life where you’re really happy.  I’ve found ways that being savvy with cash can get you there.

– SPEND on your perfect items. You’ll wear them way more and won’t buy as much saving money in the long run. If applied to spending on clothes, the perfect cocktail dress or suit that makes you feel like a million bucks when you wear it is worth spending on.  If you wear it all the time because you feel good in it and get compliments then it will pay for itself by the good things that happen to you when you put it on.  Feeling good in meetings is a huge advantage and will pay you back with greater results at work.  Plus, if you cut out on spending on the things that will just sit at the back of your closet that you never use, you’ll actually save money in the long run.  Only buy your perfect items and then love them!

– USE credit cards to get cash back and build your credit.  Charge all of your fixed costs onto a no fee BMO MasterCard CashBack credit card, like gas, insurance, cell phone, gym, utilities, cable, and internet.  You will get cash back on the things you need to use your card on and collect cash back dollars month by month.  Also, use your card for trips, furniture, and other big one-time purchases, it all adds up at the end of the year.  David received $271.02 back on these things this year!  That means free utilities for a month or a nice dinner with a good friend.

– BUY luxury cars – Never lease a car always buy it. You will pay interest on the entire product and you don’t even own it if you lease. Buy it used to save on the initial cost, loan interest and insurance. Buy a luxury car, it’ll depreciate more slowly, have more options, be safer, and easier to sell if you need to.

Being a miser will only keep a negative attitude towards money.  Spend smarter and enjoy your life!

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David Lester
About David Lester

David Lester is a best selling author and professional Financial Coach, helping people be better with their money. David has written a personal finance book that breaks with traditional attitudes towards finance and describes his own philosophy to money that he has gained through his personal and professional experiences. His philosophy on money applies to many areas of everyday life, including banking, investing, goal setting, shopping and entertainment.