Let Me Take You To Money Paradise!

May 26, 2011|By David Lester

Many people ask me what I do day to day and so this blog is about my Financial Coaching practice.  I’ve been working with individual clients for over three years now and I’ve had huge successes with all of them.  My clients have started new businesses, got their ultimate career that they’ve always wanted, mastered investing, and overall started building wealth and happiness.  My philosophy to financial success starts with knowing exactly what you want in life, and why you want what you want. Then we harness the power of  YOUR genius and the market to get it for you.

Think of the last few times you’ve been sitting in front of a financial expert. They seem to be the ones doing all of the telling, right?  What to invest in, how to cut back on things, when to make payments, and then where to sign.  Instead of just looking at the numbers like most financial specialists do, I motivate clients with the possibility for their best life, and then we implement it – using the power of money.

Once I’ve helped my clients decide what specifically they want in life, we work together to decide why they want what they want based on their core values.  Values are what motivate us to do what we do and can energize us to get through the most difficult of times.  When we understand why we want what we want in life we become super motivated to achieve it.  It’s like adding a constant jet fuel to our ambitions.

Implementing my strategy starts with a carte blanche approach.  We build a “Life Status” around all of the things that they want in life.  We harness the successes of the past and unlock individual freedoms. We look back to see when they performed at their best in various areas of life, and then we apply that same gold standard to their financial areas of life (career, investing, saving, and spending).

Everything that you want goes on the Life Status and we start them in order of their importance to you.  It’s an amazing feeling to take action towards the things that you know will make you happy.  And better than that, we implement strategies to get the market to pay for them.  Like how I got the stock market to pay for my new car!

Let me build a program around your needs. First, decide what you want, and we will get your career and the market to make it happen!

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David Lester
About David Lester

David Lester is a best selling author and professional Financial Coach, helping people be better with their money. David has written a personal finance book that breaks with traditional attitudes towards finance and describes his own philosophy to money that he has gained through his personal and professional experiences. His philosophy on money applies to many areas of everyday life, including banking, investing, goal setting, shopping and entertainment.