Mind-Blowing Money Facts!

November 14, 2012|By David Lester

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I found some awesome money facts that will blow your mind:

The average human being has more fantasies about money than sex. Oh la la,¬†Mou la la. ūüėČ

The biggest argument couples will have involves money.

$20 bills are more often counterfeited than $100 bills.

1 in every four Americans believe that their best chance of becoming rich is by winning the lottery.

If you drive 10 miles to purchase a lottery ticket, you are more likely to be killed¬†in a car accident then you are to win the lottery. ūüėź

The average wedding in America costs $20,000.00.

It is a proven fact that people tip more on sunny days than they do on rainy, cloudy days. Tsk tsk.

Shop til you drop or have great sex? For men… sex but women would rather have¬†unlimited shopping sprees than spend a romantic weekend with their loved ones.

Money is the number one cause of stress for a person as opposed to health, wellness, fitness etc.

Most people will not bend over to pick money off of the ground unless the value is more than a dollar.

The odds of winning the lottery are 10 million to 1.

Coupons found in the Sunday paper are the second most read page besides the front page.

A piece of currency can be folded forward and back 4,000 times before it will tear.

In the 1920s you could buy a brand new car for less than $300.

57% of couples pool their income, with both partners withdrawing and spending at their own discretion.

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I hope you enjoyed these mind-blowing awesome money facts.
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David Lester
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