2013 Goal Planning!

February 3, 2013|By David Lester

The New Year is just a month ago and there is no better way to kick off the year than with a solid plan for 2013.  This year instead of just writing down the same old stuff like going to the gym and reading more — blow out your ideal life.  Go area by area and in great detail crystallize what you truly want each area to be.  Dream you reality and then live it.

Things you have always wanted but were afraid to ask for?  Add them.  Better food, better body, more fun, more adventure, the things that will make the hair on your arm stand up because you’re so excited by the thought of living that way.

The best way to motivate ourselves in life is by designing our ideal reality.  Not just one or two things that we think we can accomplish but every single thing that we can dream we go for.  Spend an evening with a bottle of wine in a quite place and let your mind go free.  Don’t sensor anything.  If it comes to you.  Write it down.

Instead of writing “a million dollars” in the bank.  Write what that million dollars would allow you to do.  Travel 6 months of the year, spoil your family, nest egg for an future health problems, the dream car that you have always wanted.  There is nothing more powerful than dreaming our ultimate reality, confirming why it is important to us, and then achieving it.  What is happiness if not that.

Take three pieces of paper and write on the top of each one “Personal Goals”, “Professional Goals”, and “Material Goals”.  Take the time with each piece of paper and fill both sides with everything that you want.  This is your life so dig deep for inspiration.  For personal it could be classes you want to take, creative expressions through music, dance or art, even more time with your dad.  Professional could be getting your MBA or writing a book to share the skills you have learned through business.  Material goals are simply every thing you want to buy.  If it costs $5 or $1.5M — it goes down on the page.  This is the fun one for me. 🙂

After you have filled a page front and back for each three areas.  Write beside them a priority if “1” if it is super important to do, “2” if is is less important and “3” if is the least important to you.  We’re going to do everything so don’t feel bad about the “3”s you softy!  Write down all of the items that you have a “1” beside and commit to yourself the EXACT date when they will be achieved.  These will be your top goals to accomplish this year.  Keep them close to you and when you feel less motivated take them out and re-energize thinking of how amazing you felt when crafting the list.

Next week I’ll show you how to commit to your goals and then allocate resources to achieve them all!

Happy February everyone,


David Lester
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