Top 10 Ways To Exercise For Free!

July 29, 2013|By David Lester


When I first started my gym membership years ago it was $34 plus tax.  I had a corporate discount because I worked for a big bank, which helped, and it included towels, yoga, cycling, and fitness check ins, and more.  Not too bad, right?

After I had moved to California I foolishly cancelled it and when I came back I was shocked to see what the current going rate was for a big gym membership!  They range from $$250 to $69 plus tax.  The more expensive gyms do have access to better husband material but those rates are crazy.

PLUS you lose all the perks with those rates. Extra charges for towels, the classes, and more get tacked on those outrageous rates.  You also have to sign at least a one year membership with penalties if you cancel before that.  I’m not even sure how many months went by that I didn’t even set foot in the smelly place.  For $34 a month I can handle it but for $69 + I can’t do it.  I can’t pay that much a year!

The solution, is to do it all for free.  I want to feel great but save the $840 plus tax a year.

Here are my top 5 free ways to exercise:

  1. Watch videos from YouTube or the web.  You can find tons of free videos and content that you can do in your skimpies on the living room rug.
  2. Go to a friend or local free pool and do laps.  It’s amazing exercise for you!
  3. Jog.  It’s free.  Open the front door.  Jog.  Come back when tired.
  4. Hike.  Pack a picnic and the dog in the car and go for a hike.  Just google your local provincial park and go.
  5.  Have sex.  It’s free and good exercise.  Try to do it often so it is like going to the gym.
  6. Yard work. Mow the lawn, cut some shrubs, plant some flowers.  It’s all good for you.  If you live in a condo go to a local farm and pick strawberries, etc.
  7. Borrow exercise videos from the library or a friend.  Every guy from 20-35 has a copy of P90x workout!
  8. Play with your or someone else’s kids.  It’s a workout, you all know.
  9. Help someone move.  Lifting boxes, sofas, and painting walls will get you booty and bonus points.
  10. Have sex.  I like this one so I added it twice.   It’s win win!

Have  a fit and financially savvy week,


David Lester
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