The Best Thanksgiving EVER

September 22, 2014|By David Lester

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Hi everybody,

It’s only three weeks away and everyone should be thinking about how they can have the best bird ever.  Thanksgiving  comes and goes and why not stop the turkey tread mill and decide that this will be the best holiday so far!  Here is the way to do it on a budget!


1. Shopping:  Take the kids to a farm and buy everything fresh.  The kids can pick apples, pumpkins or peaches and save money at the same time.  Buying from farmers saves you money, gets you fresher food, the kids will be tuckered out, and it supports our local economy.  Win to the power of 4!

2. Bird:  Order a fresh turkey from a local butcher.  It’ll be local, be super delicious and will again support your neighbourhood small business.

3. Cook it like Martha:  Here is Martha’s Perfect Roast Turkey recipe.  Follow it to the letter and enjoy a MEAN bird.  I love Martha!

4. Giving:  Take one of the extra days in the long weekend and drop off some food or money to a shelter or charity.  It won’t cost you much more and the good feeling will get you back in tune with the point of the holiday – being thankful.  If you’re adventurous, volunteer somewhere with the kids and your love monkey and see how much you really feel grateful for.

5. Family Fun:  Here are 10 things to do with the kids that will make it memorable for everyone.  Make this Thanksgiving the BEST turkey day ever and bang off all five of these items above.  Toronto Life The Long Weekender to do this weekend. 

Hope everyone has the BEST gobble gobble day EVER and be thankful for all the “wealth” you have,


David Lester
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