Happy Thanksgiving!

October 7, 2014|By David Lester

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Happy gobble gobble kids!

Thanksgiving is just a few days away and we all know how crazy the holidays can get between family and finances! Back by popular demand, here are some of my own tips for enjoying this Thanksgiving with your friends, family, AND full wallet!

1. Shop at places like No Frills. It offers great lower prices, especially when you know you’ll be spending a lot on groceries for a large meal for many.  And now you can collect PC points there as well as at Loblaw’s. Woot!

2. Dollar store decorations! They’ll add the festive touch you need without blowing your budget for the season.

3. Buy a turkey fresh from the butcher! It’s a bit more expensive, but the tips offered here will more than make up for the extra few dollars you spend on the bird. Remember my philosophy: save daily to spend on what makes you happy.

4. Take an alcohol inventory the day after. Whatever is left that you won’t be drinking can be taken back to the store with a receipt or exchanged for something you will end up drinking. I just did this after my new book (From Middle Class To Millionaire) launch party and I got $9.40 back!

5. Make use of your Thanksgiving leftovers! You won’t need to spend more on groceries for at least a week after the holidays if you make good use of your leftovers.

Gobble up your savings and have a great week!


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