10 Tips to Becoming Filthy Rich

November 5, 2014|By David Lester

Let's Ger Rich!


Here is my article on How To Get Rich  from November 4, 2014.  Enjoy!


“I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor, and rich is better.” – Mae West



If you can bang off all of these items you are ready to be not just financially successful but filthy rich. It’s easy to know how to invest, how to save, how to get the best price on things but do you really have the know-how to be ultimately successful? It’s more than actions it has to be engrained in your core belief system. You have to be ready to accept that level of success.


The best way to be financially successful is to start thinking and acting like you are already wealthy.  This might sound a tad ridiculous but it works.  When you compare the way that financially sound people act and live compared to how the rest of the masses do you’ll see there are some key differences that we can emulate. It starts with your belief system, turns into your actions, and then beams down to your everyday money destiny.

To start, think how you feel about money vs. how wealthy people feel and if your belief system is serving you? If you currently have a positive belief system on money, ah-mazing. Keep it up! If you have a negative association with money, wouldn’t it serve you better if your habits were one of a money maverick? Here are ten tips to get you into the money game – and win!



  1. What you want? What does being rich mean to you? Is it $1MM, $5MM, $100MM in liquid assets? Nice cars, trips homes, vacations, or just having all of your bills paid and not owing anyone a dime? You need to decide this first. Sit down with a blank pad of paper and write it all down. Drive out to the country or sit on a beach and dream your desired life. Crystalize in your mind exactly what financial success means to you. Take a business card out of your wallet and write hour “wealth number on it”.


  1. Why do you want the things you want? Now that you know exactly what you want think about WHY you want it. Look at all of the items you’ve written down and ask yourself, “self, if I had all of this what would it really give me?” Would it be freedom? Would it be a sense of achievement? Peace of mind knowing you’ve achieved everything that you’ve wanted? Or was it that you know have wisdom now that you’ve mastered your financial destiny. Pick what value is behind your desire and always remember which one of your core values makes you tick. Here is a list of core values: Wisdom, Freedom, Love, Family, Peace, Achievement, and Spirituality. Write that on your card too.



  1. Do you think you deserve it? If you don’t think that you deserve it you will never become successful. I think, if anyone deserves to be mad rich it is you! Say it with me now. “I deserve to be wealthy.” Write it on a card and when you open your wallet make sure that you always see it. Again, it sounds weird but it works. Every time you pull out a credit card or a bill to pay for something you and your unconscious will see a) your wealthy number, the why you want your wealth and now that you deserve it. Be sure not to lose your card!


  1. Is your belief system around money positive? When you buy something do you always try to get the best price? Do you have the best mortgage rate, interest rate on your savings, and do you walk the extra block to save the extra ATM fees when you don’t use your own bank? Start respecting your money by making, saving, and investing it more wisely. This change in your belief system is a cornerstone to becoming financially successful. There are a ton of actions you can take right now to be better to your money. Treat it with respect and it’ll respect you back by making you financially successful.



  1. How will your life change when you are rich? Get excited about being good n’ rich! Think of how awesome it’ll be to have a whack of cash in the bank. Not having to worry about bills or monthly payments. How you can go out to restaurants and order the steak or whatever you desire without having to worry about spending too much. Imagine yourself and the true relief and happiness that being financially successful will bring to you and your family and remember that feeling every time you need to make a financial decision. Buying that sweater you’ll never wear or buying that new car you don’t need feels good right now but being financially stable feels good forever.   Choose financially sound – forever!


  1. If you were going to be wealthy, how would you do it? Saving your pennies and investing well will be a big help to becoming financially successful but getting big payouts or bonuses will accelerate you to the next level. What career do you think you’d excel at? Is there a job that you’ll LIKE and may better vs. the job that you’ll LOVE but have to eat cat food working at? Is there something that you build, do or make that people would want? Do you have a Sense or mentor that has already become financially successful that you can replicate? Start thinking now about how you are going to not just be successful but filthy rich!


  1. Are you willing to be your own boss? To be wealthy you’ll probably be your own boss and work at it. Most wealthy people own their own businesses or put in the extra hours to be wealthy. Be your own boss, and always pay yourself fist. If you truly want to be a millionaire you need to model their actions and decision making process. It is so much more profitable to emulate than to envy.


  1. Do you own property, investments, and other assets? It’s crucial to start gathering assets to become wealthy. Assets that you see appreciating over the long term. Save to buy a home, save 10% of your after tax income and build savings and your retirement. Use those savings to buy great investments that will pay you interest or dividends and keep going up over time. Own your own business or part of it and keep your eyes on the prize of selling it off one day or being able to profit from all of your hard work to grow it. Buy or build assets and make sure that they keep growing overtime to build your net worth and eventually make you wealthy.


  1. Know your Net worth. Do you know your net worth right at this very moment? You need to. Add up all of the things that you own and that you could sell for an amount of money. It’s okay if you’re a student or just starting out – you shouldn’t have loads of assets yet. Add them all up and that makes up your assets. Then add up everything that you owe, like credit cards, loans, money to mom and dad, etc. Take your assets and minus what you owe and that is what you’re net worth is. The only way to increase this number is to know what it is at any give time. Work your little buns off at growing this number to the amount you wrote on the card in #1.


What will you do after you’re rich? Be sure to celebrate when you hit your number. Think about what you will do after you become rich. Will you stop working or keep working? Do you want to build wells in Africa, start a foundation, spend time with your family or saving dolphins? Once you’ve become rich think what philanthropical activities you will participate in. It’s important to pay back society for building the environment to allow for your wealth. Money self-actualization will be so much sweeter when you get to share it with your family, friends and community.

We all need to be millionaires so let’s all get filthy rich,


David Lester
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