From Middle Class to Millionaire Tour Continues

November 24, 2014|By David Lester

BT VancouverMe on Breakfast Television Vancouver talking about my new book!

1. We all have to become millionaires by the time we retire.  Fuel, food and houses keep going up but Middle Class wages haven’t been keeping pace.  We all need at least $1MM bucks in the bank by the time we retire, and I wrote the book to help everyone get there.

2. Holiday Shopping Tips:  Let go of our past guilt and start making a plan.  Average Canadian spends $900 so we need to pocket away $300 a pay in the next few months to cover the holidays.  If we can’t afford the $300 then we need to cut back on our spending.  Having financial security is the best gift Santa can bring.

3. Make sure we need to pay your card down to zero to stop accruing money.  Look at our statements and see if we are being charged interest each month.  If we are, we need to make sure that we bring our card down to zero in order for it to stop accruing interest and costing us tons of money.

4. Never take your cards to the bar!  Be sure to take cash and don’t drop the card.  You learn this quickly in University that it’s hard to pay back credit card debt without any money coming in.  Take cash to the bar and when it is gone, it’s gone.

5. Start building credit early!  Charge a small bill like rogers Cable or mobile phone each month to your card and ask your credit card company to pay off the card automatically from your chequing account.  That way you’ll never charge up a bill you can’t afford but will allow you to build your own credit.

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