February Spending Freeze!

February 2, 2015|By David Lester
I should have taken my debit card out first!

I should have taken my debit card out first!

Freeze Your Credit Cards!

It’s February and everything outside is already frozen.  The next best thing to freeze, other than your bum bum, is your spending.  No one really wants to go outside because of the horrible weather, it’s a perfect time to freeze your money too!  It’s way more fun to stay inside with friends or a love monkey and cuddle and watch Netflix. Plus it’s free!  Here is the plan for February and I’ll be sharing my results on my own February Spending Freeze!

Step 1:  Freeze Your Credit Cards:

I’ve already done it!  Take your cards, put them in a container with water and Freeze them all.  You will now have to go to the bank and physically take out money to pay bills, food, etc.  Maybe I should have taken money out before I froze my cards 🙁

Step 2:  Freeze Your Grocery Bill.

Try to see how far you can go without spending on food for as long as possible.  You’ll probably have to buy some milk and essentials but try and eat down your cupboards.  If you have any gift cards or coupons for anything – use them all up too.  Just try to Freeze Your Grocery Bill!

Step 3:  Freeze Your Entertainment.

What is better than staying in on cold winter nights?  Going out obviously! Make hot chocolate and go skating or tobogganing.   Winter is warm when you are exercising.  Go for walks, cross country ski, just get out there and try your best to keep it cheap or free.  You can always go home and warm up after with your main squeeze. 😉

Step 4:  Freeze Your Gas Bill.

Try and use transit or your cars at little as possible.  If you live in the city it might be faster to walk to work – just bundle up.  Not using the car will save you money for the month and we are trying to save as much as possible!

Step 5:  Freeze Your Bad Spending.

Do you have gym bills, maids, extensive radio or cable commitments that you can put the freeze on?  It’s a fortune to pay for lots of these services that we don’t need or use.  Put them all on hold or cancel them and see if you miss them in March.  I bet you won’t and it’ll give you something to do while staying warm.

Put the Freeze on our spending this February!




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