Meatballs and Money

February 11, 2015|By David Lester

E-spicy Meatballs!

As part of my February spending freeze I brought out my secret weapon.  Meatballs! I love meatballs and what is better than spaghetti and e’spicy meatballs on a cold bla bla February Tuesday.  I’m a horrible cook so this was a perfect time to test my meatball making abilities on my unsuspecting friends.  I might just start to compete with my balls, they went over that well and all for only $35!

This is how I put the FREEZE on going out this week.

1. Buy cheap groceries for the party:  I bought $0.99 spaghetti noodles, $1.79 sauce and $15 worth of ground beef and pork.  My entire bill with garlic bread (which burst into flames and no one got to eat), mineral water, Caesar salad, yummy olives and a HUGE bottle if Italian wine cost $35!  Now that’s a night out.

2. Make more food for the week.  I made a huge tray of balls for the dinner and the rest of the week for meatballs sandwiches – which I LOVE.  I made extra sauce, extra salad and I have ground beef for tacos tonight too.  I don’t know what else to make with ground beef but if I think of it I’ll make that too.

3. Have your friends pitch in.  I made dinner and my friend Chris made yummy gluten free brownies.  I had tons of wine from last parties so it was cheap to drink that down too.  If you have a HUGE meatball party be sure let everyone to bring their own dish or a bottle of vino for the group.  It keeps everyone’s night cheap and cheerful.

4. Netflix or game night!  If the party goes long you can always watch Netflix or a TV movie or play board games.  Luckily my friends and I can have “gurl talk” for hours on end so no other source of entertainment was needed.  I would have been watching TV or thinking about work normally.  Why not spend a night with good friends and spicy balls.  It’s a fun and frugal break from normal Tuesday nights.

Hope everyone is being successful putting the February FREEZE on your spending.  Have a great week,


David Lester
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