March Waist and Wallet Diet!

March 16, 2015|By David Lester

Me after Spin Class With My Friend!



With the weather getting warmer, now is the time to get fit and healthy, but also slim down your waste line.  Why not have save some money and burn off the extra winter chub.  Getting outside and and getting financially and physically fit is a great way to break into Spring.   Here are my tips to do both right here.


Below are ten easy tips to ensure you burn calories vs. through your wallet:

  1. Instead of buying your lunch at work. Bring your lunch to work: By not buying your lunch you’ll save money and you will know exactly what you are putting in your body. Ordering take-out or dining out with colleagues for lunch often consists of more butter, oil, and other ingredients that may taste great, but are adding to your waistline and expenses. An average saving of $12 a day will add up to about $3,000 a year!
  2. Search workout videos on YouTube: There is a large amount of at-home workout videos online that are accessible and free.
  3. Go outside: yoga, hiking, running. Nature is free!
  4. Go to a local public pool and do some laps.   It’s free or cheap.  And good for you.
  5. Revamp your yard: plant flowers, mow the lawn, cut some shrubs. Living in a condo is no excuse! Go to a local farm and help out.  Build a moat and get a drawbridge.  The kids will love it and no more door to door sales people.
  6. Help friends move: If a friend asks for help moving, say yes! Lifting boxes, furniture and painting is not only a nice gesture, but a great workout.
  7. Cancel your cable.  With nothing on TV you’ll have to do all the above.
  8. Put your gym membership on hold over the summer.  You can put your membership plan on hold so you are forced to go hangout outside and workout for free.  When the winter comes your can re-activate it.
  9. Eat down your cupboard.  There are lots of things that you just forget about that you can make a tasty dinner.  Plus, it’ll be free
  10. Go on a cleanse with your friends.  Read up on new trends and then work as a group to feed each other health meals and go  on group jogs.  Being with your friends will make it more fun.

By finding creative ways to work out and not eat out as much, you will not only see your expenses shrink, but your waistline as well. Being healthy and active doesn’t have to consist of pricey memberships, rather than just pushing yourself to be active outside or workout in the comfort of your home.

Have an awesome week,



David Lester
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