Be Happy Now That it’s Easter!

April 6, 2015|By David Lester


There are a few annoying things in my life that I can spend just a few minutes and fix.  Now that it is Easter and Spring it allows us to start fresh and by spending just  a little bit of money, get them all fixed.  I’m going over my budget and I’m looking for things to cut in order to spend more on things that make me happy.

For me I have a bathroom curtain that sticks to me when I shower.  It is super annoying and I hate it so much.  So today I’m going to buy a new shower curtain and be happy.  It should cost about $15 and will bot stick to my junk anymore when I’m washing them.

I also have noticed that I don’t watch that much tv anymore.  I watch Netflix or have been going out to Spin class or out with my friends.  I’ve decided to cut out cable and save my self about $140 a month.  Plus all the HBO stuff and Walking Dead is over that I watched so I won’t be that into it anymore.

I have recently discovered spin class so I’m not going to the gym anymore.  I LOVE spin and my outfits have been getting better and better so I’ve cancelled my gym membership and I’ll be getting an unlimited Spin monthly pass.   That will net each other out but I actually go to Spin so my body wins.

My towels are el chepo ones and thet shed all over the place.  I’ve decided to throw them out and get new ones that won’t shed orange all over the floor.  It’s just not worth washing the corners everyday after my shower.  That should cost me $50 for good towels.

So here is the total.

Spend:  $15 + $100 + $50 (Curtain, Spin, and Towels) = $165

Cut:  $69 + $140 (Gym and Cable) = $209

I’ve actually saved money to be SOOOO much happier and healthier.

Hoppy Easter and have a great week,



David Lester
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