Summer Credit Card FREEZE

May 11, 2015|By David Lester

I will Cut You!

My February credit card freeze worked so well that now let’s do it for summer!

It’s almost summer and the time when most people spend a fortune.  There are patio drinks, vacations, new outfits, and gardens to spruce up.  It’s been such a long winter everyone is ready to celebrate the summer. It’s so easy for us to spend out of control trying to make up for the crappy winter.  But as your spending starts to heat up why not put a freeze on it by getting rid of your cards?  It’s so nice out that there are tons of things to do for free.  And what is worse than having to cuddle up for fall and having to also pay back your huge credit card bills.  Summer is the big season for spending and I’m going to show you how to put the frost on your cards – literally. You and your money will be nice and cool before winter comes.

Step 1:  Freeze Your Credit Cards:

I’ve already done it!  Take your cards, put them in a container with water and freeze them all.  You will now have to go to the bank and physically take out money to pay bills, food, etc.  When the cash is gone, it is gone.  This will keep you on budget and you’ll never pay interest on your cards because they are in the freezer.  Maybe I should have taken money out before I froze my cards 🙁

Step 2:  Freeze Your Grocery Bill.

Try to see how far you can go without spending on food for as long as possible.  You’ll probably have to buy some milk and essentials but try and eat down your cupboards.  If you have any gift cards or coupons for anything – use them all up too.  There are great farmer markets all over the city or just outside and they only take cash.  Buy ALL your food with cash this summer. Just try to freeze your grocery bill and feel awesome!

Step 3:  Freeze Your Entertainment.

What is better than staying on your patio or balcony in the summer?  It’ll be too warm to hit the streets so stay cool and frugal in your backyard.  Make patio drinks, BBQ and play games in the backyard.  Go for walks, swim, just get out there and try your best to keep it cheap or free.  You can always go home and cuddle in the turtle pool with your main squeeze too. 😉

Step 4:  Freeze Your Gas Bill.

Try and use your bike, transit or your cars at little as possible.  If you live in the city it might be faster to walk to work – just wear layers.  Not using the car will save you money for the summer and we are trying to save as much as possible!  Plus, we are cold and inside for half the year.  If we can be out AND save money.  Let’s do it!

Step 5:  Freeze Your Bad Spending.

Do you have gym bills, maids, extensive pay radio or cable commitments that you can put the freeze on?  It’s a fortune to pay for lots of these services that we don’t need or use in the summer.  Put them all on hold or cancel them and see if you miss them in the fall.  I bet you won’t and it’ll get you outside the entire summer long.  Running or biking by the water or on a trail is better than in a sweaty gym.

Put the freeze on our spending this summer and YES those are my actual cards in my freezer.  I’ll see them in the fall.

David Lester
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