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June 18, 2015|By David Lester

Last summer when I was writing my new book From Middle Class to Millionaire I decided to go to Spain. After staying in Barcelona for a few weeks I wanted to travel the country. I rented an AMAZING convertible and drove back and forth across Spain hitting up all of the adorable towns and staying in the best hotels. When I saw a cool fort on a hill top, smelled something delicious that a Nonna was making at her restaurant, or saw a sign for ruins (I LOVE ancient ruins) I pulled over and experienced it and then drove on. It couldn’t have made me happier.

There is nothing better than staying in a chic boutique hotel when you travel. I love the cool lighting, contemporary furniture, slick washrooms and trendy hotel bars that come with them. What is even better is to stay in a boutique hotel for less than a normal hotel. I wanted to share my tips on getting extravagant hotels for cheap.

I got a CRAZY deal on my rental car too (I’ll write about this next) and I stayed in awesome boutique hotels where I always try to stay. How does one afford boutique hotels when you have impeccable, style and taste but also smarts to keep it in your high interest savings account you ask? This is how I do..

1. Research The Best Boutique Hotels: Open 100 windows and search for all of the best boutique hotels in the area. I’ll also look just outside the city that I want to stay in to get a better deal. Since I normally have a rental car, this isn’t a problem. It’s all about getting a great deal on a beautiful, chic hotel.

2. Search Online For the Best Deal: Search, Expedia, Trip Advisor, Travelocity and the hotel’s own site to see which has the best rates. It surprisingly varies who has the best rates. Then search for promo codes for that hotel. Try them all and they might still work! If you’re having trouble staying within your budget, call the hotel and use your charm. Tell them that you’ll book through them if they can throw in meals or transport from the airport. It all adds up!

3. Book Single Beds and Get Upgraded: Search for a single bed. I’ve saved $75 a night just by booking single beds. If you meet a friend, you can go to their place. 🙂 Normally there are very few single rooms and I get upgraded to a double anyway! Otherwise you get to cuddle if you’re a couple. Win win.

4. Stay With The Same Hotel Chain: I stayed at the Medium Hotel chain in Sitges and asked the manager if there was a Medium in Valencia, where I was going next. The manager gave me his card and told me to show it for a discount when I checked in. I did and saved another 15% and got a crazy huge room with a sitting area! It always pays to ask for perks.

5. Get Parking and More From The Hotel: Parking in Sitges, Spain was $45 a day and with the hotels discount it went down to $25. It’s always great to ask for discounts on dinners, trips, and parking from the hotel.

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