Try Giving To Charity For The Ultimate Self-Esteem Boost

August 17, 2016|By David Lester
duck face selfie

duck face selfie


If you’re feeling needy, give.

We live in a world of selfies, life style baiting and constant social fishing for likes and follows. Where does it all get us? Data shows us that we are living in an ever increasing narcissistic society, but does it make us happy? Give to a good cause and be happy.

I’m just as guilty of taking snaps of my horseback riding, convertibling, or chilling on a patio. It can be a slippery slope. Why don’t I give to a needy cause and actually feel amazing about myself.  Then I can take a selfie with pride! Now let’s find some money to give away.

I’ve decided to give away one week’s discretionary spending because I can afford it. I spend about $600 a week on coffee, clothing, lunches, dinners, movies, gifts and going out with friends. I’m on my own “Cash is King” plan where I take $300 out on Sunday night that lasts me until about Thursday and then I take out another $300 for the weekend.

All of my fixed expenses (groceries, housing, car, gas, bills, investment loan payments) come out automatically so I always stay on budget. I’ve used this system for some time and it really works.You should try it too!

Someone I know is starting a new brave venture that I really admire and so I decided that it would benefit him tenfold to get most of my weekly discretionary spending. Money that I’d just spend on dinners, movies and shopping will help him get closer to a dream-and that is totally worth one week of my down time. I’ll profit in a better way by giving it up.

I’ve set up a plan to survive the week. I’ll miss you Starbucks and martinis but I’ll see you both soon!

1. Monetize my cupboard. Do you notice that there is always peanut butter, weird tea and canned potatoes in the depths of your cupboard that you never use? You keep moving them from house to house with you and never eat them.Well, I’ve taken inventory of all of my random foods and I’m going to use the business school lesson of monetizing my inventories. I’ve pulled everything out and I’m going to eat it all this week to save me money and keep me alive.

2. No Starbucks or eating out. The second thing I’m going to do is to cut out lunches and coffee. I love coffee and I’m going to cut it out this week. Luckily for everyone who will have to put up with my mood this week, I found Starbucks instant coffee samples in the cupboard and I’ll drink down my inven- tories of chamomile and lemon tea that I found randomly stuffed behind the canned potatoes.

3. I just bought groceries! I hate shopping for groceries. I’m single and eating by myself drives me nuts.There are barrel laughs when people open my fridge door and only see booze, mix and a Britta water jug. I just spent $43.89 on groceries that compliment my inventory and I’ve planned a menu for the week. Fruit, toast and tea for breakie, soup and a can of tuna on salad for lunches and I have yummy, yet cheap, meals in the evening. I bought a ton of fruit and veggies for snacks and some popcorn and some Mr. Noodles for all the Netflix watching I’ll be doing.

4. I’ve planned a cost-free week of entertainment too. I have my family coming over for frozen pizza and Caesar salad, lots of TV nights, inviting myself over for dinner to friends (that I haven’t seen in a while and it’ll be so good to catch up!) and I’m going to work the gym and yoga/power crunch classes that are paid for with my gym membership.All for free! Other than the sodium spike because of the Mr. Noodles, I should be in better shape. Plus, I bought lemons to flavour free water and I’m only drinking the free tea that I have in my cupboard. It should make me feel better sans pop or booze.

I’m actually really excited about this plan! I was first dreading the challenge due to the fact that I never go without anything but I’m pumped to do this. I might even take this plan from a 10 out of 10 to an 11 by volunteering somewhere to fill an evening. I bet there will be free treats! It’s amazing how you can still profit without money for a little amount of time.

When I feel a bit needy or bored and want to get a lift I always turn to social media to flirt or post something. Try giving and feel way better about it. Plus I move my focus from “me! me! me!” to someone else and it really helps to reverse that energy. Why not brag about being a good human than because you can do a great duck face. (My duck face is on point, just so you know.)

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