• Pay Your Credit Card First!

    May 3, 2012|By David Lester

    Hi hi hi, I get tons of comments about my budget strategy to only use cash for day to day items like clothing, coffee, lunches and getting my hair did.  Readers always say that they keep to their budget and don’t over spend and therefore want to use their cards to pay for their day […]

  • I (Heart) Cash Back Cards Too!

    April 18, 2012|By David Lester

    Hi cash back lovers, Ken messaged me to tell me about a new Capital One Aspire World MasterCard.  Here is how it would turn out based on my monthly spending as per below. Thanks Ken! It has a one time bonus of $100 once you make a first purchase.  I didn’t include any of the […]

  • I (Heart) Cash Back Credit Cards!

    April 10, 2012|By David Lester

    I only use cash back cards for my personal and business accounts.  I’ve used EVERY type of card reward program and I find after all of the fees, taxes, and levies the points cards don’t add up.  I much prefer charging my business expenses and only my fixed personal expenses to separate cash back cards […]

  • Covered Call Commodity ETFs Part II

    March 29, 2012|By David Lester

    Hi Everyone, Here is an article on the commodity ETFs with the commodity covered call strategy from Morningstar.  I LOVE these products and wanted to share with you.  Their income streams were just announced and as I suspected they are nice and juicy.  Sold option premiums are taxed as capital gains and as you know […]

  • Covered Call Commodity ETFs

    March 6, 2012|By David Lester

    Horizons has just launched four commodity exchange traded funds (ETFs) with a covered call strategy and “I’m as happy as a little girl” to quote the great Mike Myers. The four new ETFs will be made up of the actual commodity instead of stocks in that industry. For example, before we could buy Canadian energy […]

  • I Heart Being a TV Host!

    February 22, 2012|By David Lester

      Hi everyone, I’ve been asked to be the financial host for a new reality program from the makers of the hit shows X-weighted and The Quan Dynasty.  They are casting for contestants for the show.   The best part is that you’ll have me as your financial coach for FREE.  And we all know […]

  • Watch my interview on BNN! Click the image.

    February 7, 2012|By David Lester
  • Grandpa Hearts Money!

    February 6, 2012|By David Lester

      With all the news around about public and government pensions being bust in the not so distant future, there must be something that we can learn.  Before we had social security and old age pensions what did people do?  Were they fine?  My Grandpa is more than fine.  He has turned 100 this year […]

  • Budgeting Fun Times Con’t!

    January 31, 2012|By David Lester

    Hey everyone! Here is the final section of budgeting made fun. We already talked about adding up all of our fixed costs like mortgage/rent, loans, taxes, electricity, etc. We then talked about how we can squeeze our other bills by calling the companies and trying to get a better rate. I hear success stories from […]

  • has stock again and is 24% off!

    January 24, 2012|By David Lester
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