• I Heart!

    November 13, 2011|By David Lester

    Part of making and loving money is to give a little back to our community.  We all profit because of each other and any money that I make due to our global community I give some back.  My favourite place to give back that I believe makes a HUGE difference is Kiva is a […]

  • Budgeting for Actors

    October 26, 2011|By David Lester

    When I do my book signings at Chapter and Indigo stores, I always get actors, musicians and other non salaried artists coming up and asking how do they budget?  All the tips on budgeting are based on people who get paid on a regular schedule.  But if you’re an actor, musician, etc. you’ll get a […]

  • Reduce Risk and Increase the Love to Your Portfolio!

    October 11, 2011|By David Lester

    Reduce Risk and Increase the Love to Your Portfolio We’re having some crazy days on the market for the last six months or so and it looks like we’re entering a time of slower economic growth. This new economic cycle will be a time of volatility and fewer company profits which equals less stock price […]

  • Save TONS in Mortgage Interest!

    September 27, 2011|By David Lester

    How to save TONS in Mortgage Interest! When I was a banker we had this tool to show you how much you’d pay in interest over the amortization.  When you look at the bottom of the chart I always liked to point out that you basically pay the same amount in interest as you took […]

  • My Kids’ RESP or My RRSP – Which to Choose?

    September 15, 2011|By David Lester

    My kids’ RESP or my RRSP – which to choose? The kiddies are all back to school again.  We made sure that they all had new outfits for the first day of school, backpacks that fit all their do dads and the coolest cahiers and pens to capture their little genius.  But what about RESPs […]

  • 24% off I Heart Money on right now!

    September 8, 2011|By David Lester

    I Heart Money is 24% off right now at  

  • Keep A Money Diary!

    August 24, 2011|By David Lester

    Keep A Money Diary Everyday I like to keep track of all of the money that is coming in and going out from my personal accounts and my business accounts.  I use to track all my assets here and in the U.S.  I also check my online account at least once a day.  It’s […]

  • TRUST Your Money in Markets Like This!

    August 8, 2011|By David Lester

      Are we blowing up?  I had a bunch of my clients call to see if this was the double dip that we have all been afraid of.  The decisions or lack of decisions are in the hands of the central banks and politicians.  I do however, know what worked for me in 2008.  Here […]

  • LOVE your credit score!

    July 28, 2011|By David Lester

    Here are my best tips to keep your credit score well loved.  Credit scores are becoming more important in day to day lives.  Landlords, bankers, and I bet mother-in-laws check them to see how responsible you have been in the past.  Keep your rating in proper shape and it can save you loads of money […]

  • Summer Vacation on a Dime!

    July 22, 2011|By David Lester

    Who is the best mom or dad ever?  We know already that it is you.  You’d do anything to provide an amazing summer vacation for your little stars wouldn’t you?  The summer is a time for kids to learn new things, socialize with other kids and develop skills that will serve them, as they get […]

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