• Let 2017 Will Your Best Year EVER

    January 6, 2017|By David Lester

      The New Year is still freshly upon us and there is no better way to kick off the year than with an ULTIMATE plan for 2017.  This year, instead of just writing down the same old stuff like going to the gym and reading more — blow out your ideal life.  Plato wrote about […]

  • Black Friday Battalion!

    November 25, 2016|By David Lester

      Black Friday is on Nov 25th and Cyber Monday is on Nov 28th this year and I’ve been practicing at my local mall to dodge shoppers, throw products into my cart from across a packed isle and get the best deals possible!  I love me a deal, and I wanted to share with you all of […]

  • How to take the Fright out of Halloween Costs!

    October 25, 2016|By David Lester

    Have you noticed that retailers have started to put out fancy Halloween costumes and information earlier and earlier to remind you that it is on its way. And after all of the costumes, decorations, and treats it is getting super expensive!  When I was a kid my mom would make a costume or decorations for […]

  • 5 Things Wells Fargo Can Do To Repair Their Image

    September 21, 2016|By David Lester

    Wells Fargo has just been fined $185MM by the CFPB and Los Angeles city and local municipalities and is in some serious hot water.  The CFPB will be collecting $100MM, the largest fine in the organizations 5 year history.  After the financial crisis of 2007-2008, and now this, how are everyday people expected to trust our […]

  • 5 Money Tips for Beautiful People

    August 31, 2016|By David Lester

      “I like looking at geniuses and listening to beautiful people” Oscar Wilde It is much easier for anti-social people to be financially successful. They don’t like being around people and so it’s easy for them to work several jobs, save every penny and live in basement apartments eating Mr. Noodles. It’s probably preferable! Now, […]

  • Try Giving To Charity For The Ultimate Self-Esteem Boost

    August 17, 2016|By David Lester

      If you’re feeling needy, give. We live in a world of selfies, life style baiting and constant social fishing for likes and follows. Where does it all get us? Data shows us that we are living in an ever increasing narcissistic society, but does it make us happy? Give to a good cause and […]

  • Make Income From Your Interests

    June 8, 2016|By David Lester

    We all have things we love to do. Why not love something that you can make money at? You all know how I love to help people with their money. I always talk about money when I’m out with friends. I read and watch TV solely revolving around money. So it makes sense that I […]

  • The Fintech Revolution is Here!

    May 18, 2016|By David Lester

      There has been a lot of buzz about the growth of the fintech industry.  A recent  Venture Partners study showed that in 2014 the global investment in fintech was 6.8 Billion dollars up from only 3 billion in 2013.  In the same study it shows that in now employs hundreds of thousands of workers […]

  • Prince Didn’t Have a Will, Make Sure You Do!

    May 3, 2016|By David Lester

    Apparently Prince didn’t have a Will and a huge battle has broken out over his assets.  Don’t make the same mistake he did and make sure that you get the final word.  Jurisdictions change across Canada so make sure that you get a great lawyer and don’t have to stand out in the same purple […]

  • Don’t Get “FOMO” When Buying A New Home

    April 18, 2016|By David Lester

    Many people are rushing into the housing market due to FOMO (Fear of missing out) and there could be some consequences when interest rates go up.  There is a good news bad news scenario to buying right now and everyone in the housing market for their first time needs to know what to expect.  Before […]

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