• The Fintech Revolution is Here!

    May 18, 2016|By David Lester

      There has been a lot of buzz about the growth of the fintech industry.  A recent  Venture Partners study showed that in 2014 the global investment in fintech was 6.8 Billion dollars up from only 3 billion in 2013.  In the same study it shows that in now employs hundreds of thousands of workers […]

  • Prince Didn’t Have a Will, Make Sure You Do!

    May 3, 2016|By David Lester

    Apparently Prince didn’t have a Will and a huge battle has broken out over his assets.  Don’t make the same mistake he did and make sure that you get the final word.  Jurisdictions change across Canada so make sure that you get a great lawyer and don’t have to stand out in the same purple […]

  • Don’t Get “FOMO” When Buying A New Home

    April 18, 2016|By David Lester

    Many people are rushing into the housing market due to FOMO (Fear of missing out) and there could be some consequences when interest rates go up.  There is a good news bad news scenario to buying right now and everyone in the housing market for their first time needs to know what to expect.  Before […]

  • How to Determine if a Joint Bank Account Is Right for Your Relationship?

    April 7, 2016|By David Lester

    Money and personal relationships are two things to cherish.  How is the best way to treat joint accounts?  Do you have separate accounts and transfer into a joint account or keep one account and share everything?  The best answer for something as personal as love and money is your very own answer.  Sit down with […]

  • 10 Money Tips For Actors, Artists and Musicians

    March 30, 2016|By David Lester

      When I do my book signings at local book stores, I always get actors, musicians, and other non salaried artists coming up and asking how they should budget having such sporadic pay?  All the tips on budgeting are based on people who get paid on a regular schedule,  but if you’re an actor, musician, etc., […]

  • 10 Smart Ways To Spend Your Tax Return

    March 16, 2016|By David Lester

      Income tax return time is coming up and so many of us are already thinking about all of the great things we can buy with the return. It’s been a crazy year personally, politically and professionally and we all can look forward to a treat.  But how will you get the most bang for […]

  • Ditch Your Reward Cards and Get a Real Reward – Freedom

    February 24, 2016|By David Lester

      Count right now how many reward cards you have clogging up your wallet? When was the last time you actually went on a free trip or got some sort of reward from them? Have you ever thought how much more money you spend travelling across town to use that store or get extra rewards?  When we […]

  • 4 Tips to Dating and Money!

    February 16, 2016|By David Lester

      Money is that one subject that everyone dances around when dating.  We politely try not to talk directly about it but it is woven into the fabric of our conversation.  I say let’s throw it right out there onto the middle of the table, by the flowers, and address it shall we? What are […]

  • 3 Easy Ways to Become a Multi- Millionaire

    February 9, 2016|By David Lester

      Becoming a millionaire is super easy and everyone needs to start becoming one now.  Or that is how we should think about it.  It should be so easy that, I’ve given you not one but three simple steps to become a multimillionaire by the time you retire.  I’m just that nice.  🙂 You’ll actually […]

  • How to Take Advantage of Cheap Money

    January 29, 2016|By David Lester

      Everyone loves to quote the fact that Canadians are at 165% of our take home salary with debt.  That means that for every dollar that a Canadian takes home after tax, we owe $1.65 of that in debt.  We have all been told that there are good and bad debts, but when we don’t […]

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