• Smoosh Your Smartphone Bill!

    July 14, 2010|By David Lester

    The one thing that I can’t live without today is my sexy smartphone.  It’s the first thing that I reach for when I wake up to see what the market is doing! I listen to music on it, I track my spending, I trade on it, the calendar tells me where to go or who […]

  • Summer Saving Steps!

    July 8, 2010|By David Lester

    Here are five super basic steps to get your money in a swim suit and under an umbrella.  Sweet and simple like apple pie. Be sure to think of all the amazing summer things you can do with the savings from these five steps.  It’s easy to make these steps when you know how much […]

  • How Do You Treat Your Money?

    June 16, 2010|By David Lester

    I find the psychology around money fascinating!  The way that you treat your money reflects your underlying positive or negative feeling towards it.  Naturally people who invest time and effort into their relationship will benefit just like if you invest time and love into a human relationship it will flourish.  Treat your money like any […]

  • Dividends – The Key To My Heart

    June 7, 2010|By David Lester

    We’re having some crazy days on the market for the last month or so and it looks like we’re entering a time of slower economic growth. This new economic cycle will be a time of volatility and fewer company profits which equals less stock price appreciation. To compensate for this slower growth, investors should be […]

  • Financial Health Checkup

    May 25, 2010|By David Lester

    Financial health stems from the relationship you have with your money.  Do you get warm shivers when you think of the great things money can get you or stabs of pain when you think of your debt?  Do you avoid talking about money at all costs or welcome the conversation?  How you answered those two […]

  • Spring Savings!

    May 20, 2010|By David Lester

    Spring has sprung and I’m loving it. Do you know what I love about spring?  It’s not the cute birds or the cuddly bees or flowers or trees – what I love about spring is the electricity savings!  Yeah that’s right. Since the nice weather has come my electric bills have been cut in half […]

  • Thrifty Travel Tips One

    May 8, 2010|By David Lester

    I must have deleted this blog by mistake so after many requests here it is again.  Travel well!  I just booked a flight to Australia to visit some close friends that moved there, and I wanted to share my tricks of the trade on how to get the best and cheapest flight.  The more money […]

  • Getting Into Your “Investor” Zone

    May 5, 2010|By David Lester

    If you’re an active investor like I am, days like yesterday can be a scary thing.  The DOW was down 222 points the highest one day drop since Feb.  It is easy to get swooped up with today’s news…debt problems in Spain, Greece and Portugal, a weakening Euro and China pulling back the strings on […]

  • Best Shopping Practices

    April 23, 2010|By David Lester

    I’m very serious when I shop.  I don’t just buy things willy nilly or on a whim.  I shop to win.  Nothing drives me crazier than to buy something and then see that I didn’t get the best deal.  I’ve listed my shopping strategies below for everyone to use for their ultimate items and save […]

  • I Heart Money – The Money Book for Today!

    April 6, 2010|By David Lester

    My book is here! Anyone who loves my blogs can now purchase a money manual with all of my strategies and philosophies on investing, borrowing, saving and life. Purchase it right here from my blog and you’ll receive free shipping and handling! I know you love saving money too. 🙂  I love money. I’ve always […]

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