• From Middle Class to Millionaire Keeps Growing!

    May 23, 2015|By David Lester

    THANK YOU! My new book from Middle Class to Millionaire is doing so well! I’ve been from coast to coast doing book signings and in the press and have met tons of people all over the country that know that the Middle Class needs some help.  It has been such an honour to meet so […]

  • Summer Credit Card FREEZE

    May 11, 2015|By David Lester

    My February credit card freeze worked so well that now let’s do it for summer! It’s almost summer and the time when most people spend a fortune.  There are patio drinks, vacations, new outfits, and gardens to spruce up.  It’s been such a long winter everyone is ready to celebrate the summer. It’s so easy […]

  • Dividends To The People!

    May 5, 2015|By David Lester

    The Middle Class has been in a bit of a pickle lately.  The cost of housing, food, utilities have all been going up but our salaries haven’t been rising at the same pace.  Everything we need to survive has been becoming really expensive and pay cheques have stayed the same. To compensate for our rising […]

  • Pre-pay Your Credit Cards and Save!

    April 27, 2015|By David Lester

    How do I build my credit and gain points on my credit card, while never over spending or paying CRAZY 20% fees?  Easy, pre-pay your credit card then spend!  “You can do that” I can hear everyone shriek in unison.  I’m all about “win, win” scenarios so this is how I stay on a “cash” […]

  • Millennial to Millionaire!

    April 19, 2015|By David Lester

      I want every millennial to grow up to be a millionaire!  The scary thing is that a million dollars won’t be that much money in 4o years.  The idea of a millionaire, sitting in his wood paneled living room and smoking on his pipe with hounds at his feet is long over.  Millionaires will […]

  • Why I Love My Variable Mortgage!

    April 13, 2015|By David Lester

    The bank of Canada will be reporting its decision on interest rates this week.  They will decide if it gets reduced, stays the same, or goes down and for how much. Most experts believe that the bank will keep rates the same BUT decrease it again before the end of the year.  The BOC (Bank […]

  • Be Happy Now That it’s Easter!

    April 6, 2015|By David Lester

    There are a few annoying things in my life that I can spend just a few minutes and fix.  Now that it is Easter and Spring it allows us to start fresh and by spending just  a little bit of money, get them all fixed.  I’m going over my budget and I’m looking for things […]

  • Adding Value to Your Home

    March 31, 2015|By David Lester

    6 Investments That Will Last A Lifetime Here is my article from Homes can be great investments themselves but people forget that parts of the home can be investments for as long as you own that home and often longer. There are many ways to turn everyday features of your home into income generating […]

  • Budget For Your Bucket List

    March 23, 2015|By David Lester

    When creating a budget for your bucket list you have to keep in mind a bunch of things.  The first thing is that there will always be more items to spend on vs. how much you bring in.  You have to make a funnel with your money and make sure that the most important things […]

  • March Waist and Wallet Diet!

    March 16, 2015|By David Lester

        With the weather getting warmer, now is the time to get fit and healthy, but also slim down your waste line.  Why not have save some money and burn off the extra winter chub.  Getting outside and and getting financially and physically fit is a great way to break into Spring.   Here are […]

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